Habitat and Geography  

 image found at: http://muller.lbl.gov/travel_photos/AfricaWildlifeFolder/AfricaWildlifeFolder-Pages/Image54.html

Hippos live in West, Central, East and South Africa, but the only large populations are in the Nile river valley of East Africa. They live with other animals in Africa such as lions, hyenas, crocodiles, leopards, fish, and other small water dwelling organisms.  The niche that hippos occupy include a source of freshwater during the day, and grassland to graze in at night. Females and their young stay together during the day when they are in the water.  Males are territorial and defend his land and the other female hippos in his territory.  Most male hippos allow other males to enter their territory as long as they are submissive and do not try to mate with any of the females.

Their habit consists of a water region (usually the Nile River) where they spend most of their day to escape the heat, and grassland near by where they forge for grasses at night.  Grasslands are abundant in Africa and makes up 1/3 of their land. Temperatures are extremely hot so they have several adaptations in order to survive the heat.


  Grassland where hippos feed                                      Distribution of main hippo populationfound at: http://www.atlas.gov.bw/img/hippo1.gif

image found at: http://muller.lbl.gov/travel_photos/AfricaWildlifeFolder/AfricaWildlifeFolder-Pages/Image48.html


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