Lemur catta: Ring-Tailed Lemur

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Photograph - Chris Lee 2007     Location - Africa Alive

The ring-tailed lemur breeding season usually lasts 7-21 days in April to May.  Females become sexually mature at 19.5 months, while the males become mature at 2.5 years.  Males approach the females and attempt to inspect their genitals and mate.  Females will either accept or decline the male.  If mating is successful, females will go through a 135 day gestation period.  They give birth to live young, usually having one to two babies. The mother carries the baby ventrally for the first weeks until she carries them on her back.  She cares for her young by licking, grooming, protecting, and feeding. The young begin to climb at three weeks, eat solid food at two months, and are independent from their mother by six months. 

To adapt to their harsh environments, these lemurs have high fecundity and give birth at the start of the wet season to ensure plentiful food sources.