Habitat and Geography


Map by: Tobey Curtis



Bull Shark Distribution



The bull shark is one of the most widespread sharks in the world and one of the only ones that can inhabit freshwater rivers and lakes for long periods of time.  Bull sharks are distributed in all tropical waters of the world, although they prefer to live close to river estuaries or even in rivers.  In summer months, bull sharks have been found as far north as Massachusetts.  The ability for the bull shark to survive in fresh water has given them the capability to swim far up into rivers and many have been found great distances from sea.  These sharks are found in numerous rivers around the world such as the Mississippi and the Amazon.  Sharks have been found all the way into Illinois in the Mississippi River, and as far as 3500 kilometers up the Amazon River.  Bull sharks typically inhabit very shallow water, ranging in depth from 3 to 30 meters.  These sharks also seem to favor murky water for hunting.