Interactions with other species


The bull shark is a target of fishing by humans throughout the world.  Since this shark tends to live in very shallow waters, it has come into contact with humans and because of this is being over fished.  The shark’s meat is the primary resource obtained from humans.  The meat is often eaten fresh, frozen, or smoked, and the fins are often used to make a soup that is very popular, primarily in Asia.  Other parts of the shark like the hide are used to make leather, and the liver is also used for its oil.  Because of the impact of humans, there is a concern that Bull sharks may be a threatened species. 


Adult bull sharks are unlikely to have any natural predators other than humans. Young bull sharks, can fall prey to large tiger sharks, sandbar sharks, and other bull sharks.  This shark like most other sharks, does share a mutualistic relationship with another fish called a Remora.  The Remora has a large sucker on the top of its head and attaches itself to the sharks body with it.  The Remora uses the shark as a mode of transportation and also eats small scraps of food that are left behind by the shark.  The Remora also eats pieces of dead skin and parasites off the body of the shark which benefits both of them.