About Me…...the creator


My name is Lindsie Miller and I am a student at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse.  My major is Bio-Med/Pre-Med and I am currently enrolled in BIO 203, Organismal Biology as of spring 2007.


Any questions or concerns, email me at miller.lind@students.uwlax.edu 

           I chose to do a website on dandelions because they surround us everyday.  I decided that with a huge population of dandelions we view as weeds, there must be a reason and a need for them.  Researching all aspects of dandelions helped me to understand the wide range of views held toward dandelions.  Mainly I wanted to know why they were a “weed” and how they came to be regarded as such.  Hope my website is of some help!

My dog Taysir also enjoys dandelions :)