Habitat and Geography



Dandelions are perennials, therefore they grow every year rather then dying off after a single year.  During the summer months, thousands of seeds are dispersed and thousands of dandelions develop.  When the months get colder, the water freezes in the leaves and can no longer be used for nutritional purposes.  The green leaves and stem can no longer live and die off.  A new rosette forms to replace the dead one, but this time forms lower to the ground.  This allows the dandelion to continue life throughout the year.  But depending on where you live, you may not be able to see them year round.



Dandelions are not native to the US, they actually originated from another country and they made there way over here.  To find out about their true home, go to the Life History page.


Dandelions like to live in areas where sunlight and nutritional soil are available.  They can be found almost anywhere in the world and are very adaptive to varying environments.  Dandelions are one of the most widespread wild plants in the world. However, they do have places they prefer, such as moist areas in the cool seasons or temperate regions.  They grow best with full sun and part shade.  They are very populated around areas such as burned forests, avalanche areas, overgrazed ranges, and marshy floodplains.  We can also see them along highways, waste dumps, old fields, and of course all over our lawns.  Dandelions grow at elevations between 500 and 11,000 feet,  Dandelions in North America are found commonly everywhere.