A Weed is…..


     One question to ponder is why do people view dandelions as a weed?  Is it due to the fact that they are hard to get rid of or is it because they reproduce so fast?  Why is it not considered a flower like the majority of angiosperms?


     Dandelions in lawns are viewed as one of the most invasive weeds.  A weed can be thought of as a plant that is invasive because it blocks other plants from growing.  Dandelions can plant into a location, form its rosette and start to overtake the nutrients in the soil.  They also form such big leaf structures that it absorbs the majority of the sun from any other plants growing around it.  Without adequate amounts of sun, plants cannot perform photosynthesis and the needed carbohydrates to survive.

     Therefore, weeds are capable of growing strong and healthy in places they are not wanted.  Since they are not planted and seemingly just appear by rapid reproduction and wind dispersion, they are viewed as weeds.  Basically, weeds are classified not by what they look like or how they reproduce, but because of the nuisance they become to people.  People do not want them to grow randomly throughout their lawn.  They want their flowers in a flower bed or perfectly placed in a pot.  Dandelions will grow any where they want  where soil and sun are available.


     Lots of money is put into spraying pesticides on dandelions to kill them off.  Next time you see a dandelion, ponder whether it is really any different than a rose or a daffodil or a lily we pay money to have.