Samantha Schemberger

This is a picture of myself in Mexico with a bottlenose dolphin.

Hello, my name is Samantha Susan Schemberger. I am currently enrolled at University of Wisconsin La Crosse majoring in Education, Broad field Science, and a minor in Chemistry. I am also hoping to coach once I become a high school chemistry/physics teacher.

 I have two amazing sisters Cassy, 17, and Andi, 15. The three of us are very athletic. They both play basketball and volleyball, which I also played in high school and Andi plays softball. My parents, Craig and Susan, are both very supportive. I also have a great dog Abby!

The pictures that you see of my sisters and I are from the amazing trip my family and I took to Mexico in 2005!

          My sisters and myself with dolphins.                    Myself in Mexico being pushed by a bottlenose dolphin.


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