The Dung Crusades


Dung the Great, Duke of Lower Abdomens                                P. crystallinus, Count of Le Sporangia


                                     Family Crest of P. crystallinus

Ancestry              Domain: Eukarya

Homeland              Kingdom: Fungi

Reproduction              Phylum: Zygomycota

Sustenance              Class Zygomycetes

Allies & Enemies




                  A little background information about P. crystallinus. P. crystallinus is a fungus that consumes dung. For many years dung and fungi have been in a constant battle. Dung is trying very diligently to take over the world one pasture at a time. His main allies in this fight are cows, rabbits, elk, and any other herbivore that wishes to join this fearless leader. Dung the Great however, has not developed very many strategies in this war. His main plan is simply to accumulate in overwhelming amounts and make it impossible to clear him away. P. crystallinus on the other hand has evolution on its side. It has developed numerous strategies to out smart and completely destroy its opponent (for more information in these strategies click on the buttons above). P. crystallinus' main allies in this battle are fellow saprobic fungi, nematodes (although they can often get in the way), many bacteria species, the sun, and, believe it or not, the cow (and other herbivores) are double agents. P. crystallinus is a courageous warrior and its cause is just: feed my species and stop Dung the Great from ruling the world!


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