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Phal sago lisa Taken By D. Beams

       Orchids make up the largest and most diverse flowering plant family. They have evolved to fill most niches and are the most studied group of plants. Phalaenopsis Orchids, or Moth Orchids, are known for their rich green leaves and elegant flowering spikes. Their flowers widely used in the flower trade industry because of their colorful, long-lasting blooms. In the wild these orchids grow in a warm, humid environment.


Phalaenopsis sago lisa
The Sago Lisa Moth Orchid

Phal. sago lisa Taken By D. Beams
Phal. sago lisa Taken By D. Beams
Created By Daniel Beams
University of Wisconsin La Crosse
April, 2008
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    Hello, My Name is Daniel Beams. I am a biomedical major at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. I enjoy spending my time in the summer on the lake. Whether it is wakeboarding, waterskiing, swimming or sailing on Lake Michigan I love to be on the water. Over the past few summers I have also worked in the landscaping business. By doing that I have been exposed to many different plant species. I chose to make a web page about this organism because my father raises orchids.
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