:: Fun Facts 

There are many very fascinating animals in this world, but the sea otter is unique compared to other animals.  I bet after reading this interesting list of facts that you will be amazed at what you did not know about the sea otter and how they are so different compared to other marine mammals.

Did you know that:                                         

*There are 13 species of otters.

*Otters are believed to have been on earth for 30 million years (Otternet).

*Otters live on every continent except Antarctica and Australia.

*Sea Otters love to play around and even play games such as tag.

*Sea Otters unlike other otters capture food with their flexible fingers and grab food with their hands.

*The sea otter’s fur is the finest and densest of any animal fur.

*Sea Otters spend up to 48% of their day grooming their fur (Chanin, Paul).

*The sea otter is the smallest marine mammal.

*Sea Otter’s dive for their food sometimes up to 250 feet (Chanin, Paul).

*The sea otter is the heaviest of all the different species of otters.

*The sea otter is one of a few mammals who use a tool to eat and catch their prey.

*The sea otter puts their food on their stomach to eat it.

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