T. solium specimens provided by Dr. Greg Sandland

Taenia solium

Before traveling to exotic countries, it is common practice to get immunizations for various diseases that may be caused by parasites in your destination.  But not all parasites can be defended against with a simple shot.  T. solium, better known as the pork tapeworm, is a parasite of humans that, upon infection, can result in cysts, blurred vision, blindness, headaches, seizures, hydrocephalus, and even death.  It is common in developing countries, but has been observed in the United States as well. 

This website is dedicated to T. solium, and gives some background information about it's characteristics, as well as the dangers it presents for humans    

       http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Taenia_solium_tapeworm_scolex_with_its_four_suckers_and_two_rows_of_hooks_5262_lores.jpg    http://www.xray2000.co.uk/

Taenia solium scolex                                                   Cysticercosis in a human knee