WELCOME TO ALL!  When most people think of the meerkat they instantly think of the character Timon from the Lion King.  Well hopefully through this webpage you can learn a little bit more about the lifestyle of the meerkat. So then what is a meerkat you say?  A meerkat is a small carnivore (or insectivore) that eats plenty of bugs and other small animals.  They are a part of the mongoose family and they reside in Southern Africa in nice open areas.  Meerkat's are very interesting animals.  The meerkat is a small carnivore known for huddling in groups.  A number of meerkats in a group is called a mob.  Meerkats have a very strict social network in which they interact.  Meerkat means marsh cat in a Southern African language called Afrikaans.  Since meerkats are a very tight knit social group they are always together ready to defend themselves from any predator that appears.  To see how a group of meerkats take on a predator check out this video.  This video shows how strong a group of meerkats can be by just sticking together, they can actually stand up to a poisonous snake.  Also, another thing people think of when they hear the word meerkat is a television show that is on Animal Planet called "Meerkat Manor".  If you have never seen this show click here for a small summery of what this show actually is.  Also, if this is something you would like to watch you can go the the actual Meerkat Manor website. Photo taken by Amanda Hustad (Sashie at the Milwuakee County Zoo)Check out some other animals that live in the same area as the meerkat.

* Lion           * African Elephant

* Giraffe       * Hippopotamus

* Cheetah   * White Rhinoceros

Photo from Wikipedia Commons (Free Domain) 

Photo taken by Amanda Hustad Timon at Animal Kindgom during the "Lion King Show".

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