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Vaccinium is latin for blue berry or whortleberry
oxycoccus is latin for small and round

Domain- Eukarya
Contains cells with membrane bound organelles and a nuclear envelope.

Kingdom- Plantae
Is the fruit formed by an organism containing chloroplasts. (Freeman p.634)

Phylum- Magnoliophyta
Is the fruit of a flowering plant.

Class- Magnoliopsida
Is the fruit of a plant that is considered a Dicotyledon.

Order- Ericales
It's plant contains very heterogeneous primitive wood.

Family- Ericaceae
Is a member of the heath family.

Genus- Vaccinium
Is a member of the blueberry genus.


Species- Vaccinium oxycoccus
Is a type of cranberry species.



This phylogenetic tree was adapted from one that was created using molecular sequencing of genetic data.

An interesting relative to the cranberry that is not shown in this tree is the Monotropa or Indian pipe.  See more information on this interesting organism at Dr. Tom Volk's website.  Monotropa