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What type of habitat does Vaccinium oxycoccus survive in?

Found in low to moderate altitudes in acidic soils that consist of a humus type peat. The soils are poor in nutrients and receive moderate rainfall through out the year. (Jaquemart p. 382)

Vaccinium oxycoccus occupy a niche known as the Sphagnum cuspidatum community, commonly known as peat bogs, they can contain more than 10 meters of standing water. Vaccinium oxycoccus grow in soils that have pH's typically around 4.00! The Vaccinium oxycoccus prefer to grow in ground water around 25 to 30 centimeters. (Jaquemart p. 383)

Other species that live in the peat bog community with Vaccinium oxycoccus are Erica tetralix, Eriophorum agustifolium, Drosera rotundifolia and a variety of vascular plants. The most common species in the peat bog community is the Sphagnum recurvum. (Jaquemart p. 384)

Vaccinium oxycoccus fits nicely in the niche of peat bogs because it grows so well in low pH conditions.