Where does the dog whipworm live?
It’s a simple question to answer. The habitat of T. vulpis includes the intestine of the dog, the waste products of the dog, and the various time periods in the rest of the dogs digestive system from ingestion to release. The mature whipworm attaches to the intestinal wall. They are a threat to dogs all over the world and are not specific to certain parts due to the fact that the eggs can survive up to two years in soil and persist through all environmental conditions. Some of the other organisms that share this habitat sometimes include but are not limited to: bacteria and other simbionts or pathogens, some intestinal roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. It exists in this niche as a parasite that feeds off the dogs intestine.
                            Madi as a little puppy   :) photo taken by me
Dogs everywhere are at risk, even Madi back in Winneconne, Wisconsin