Interesting Facts


 An ancient dance has been performed by the Australian Aborigines, to educate children about the dangers of Reef Stonefish. The performer walks through the water and step on something, a clay model of a Reef Stonefish. The performer screams in excruciating pain.

 The most venomous fish in the world.

 It is often eaten in Hong Kong.

 Most Stonefishes are brown and gray in color with patches of red, orange or yellow.

 Their venom glands are expelled involuntarily due to sudden pressure on the spine, making it only a defense mechanism.

 Two pelvic and tree anal spines are normally hidden within the skin.

 Between 1965 and 1981, 267 use of antivenom for stonefish encounter were reported in Australia.

 Reef Stonefish grow to an average size of 35cm, however on rare occasions there have been reports of 50cm monsters.

 Another common name, Dornorn

 The Latin name comes from the fact that the Reef Stonefish has a great camouflage.


Reef Stonefish

Synanceia verrucosa

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