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Streptomyces platensis

When a bacterium helps humans to fight

against other bacteria!


   Special thank you for their help in the production of this website to my biology teacher Dr. Volk Thomas and to Dr. Bonnie Jo Bratina, teacher at UW-La Crosse specialized in microbiology and bacteriology.

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Welcome to my Website!!

picture of streptomyces sp. found in a free domain


       Bacteria are all around us, and when we take to the time to study a particular one, we find all the great benefits the bacteria can give us.


        Streptomyces platensis is a bacterium who produces platensimycin as one of the numerous second metabolites. This molecule is a great inhibitor of many dangerous bacteria for humans as Staphylococcus aureus. (more in the interaction page!)

Stick model of platensimycin. found in a free domain

        As a reflex for protection, this secondary metabolite is an antibiotic that blocks the biosynthesis of fatty acid needed in gram-positive bacteria's cell membranes.


But before going into details, let me introduce myself!

    I'm Gaelle Talhouarne, currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I'm going to attempt to double major in molecular biology and in biochemistry. I would like to do research after my studies, and this website is important to me as it correspond to my desire to work on benefits for humans and on the fight for cancer. (you will understand a little better the relation about cancer and this crazy bacteria! keep reading, it will only get better.

    I hope you will enjoy, for any comments and recommendations, please email me at