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Interesting Facts

Microsoft Clip Art Unlike some human beings I know, this bird loves to be clean. Toco toucans will mutually preen (a form of cleaning) each other. It will find its favorite place in rain water up high in the hollows of tree trunks and limbs to bathe.
For fun, this bird is fond of playing games. Yes, games. As some class clowns do in a cafeteria, these birds will have food fights. They will also play catch with fruit. This game is sometimes played with multiple birds. They will also play mock fencing and grapple. They will strike their bills together and clasp bills. Pushing until one is forced backward and must retreat. This is not a sign of aggression, just a simple form of wrestling. Many times, when a match is over, another peering toucan will join in on the fun and challenge the winner. Microsoft Clip Art
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Did you know: The biggest bill of any toucan is that of a male toco toucan (8 of 26 inches)

The voice of a toco toucan is limited to rattles, croaks and shrill cries. You can follow this link and click on "the sound" to hear the voice of a toco toucan.

Can I have one as a pet? Yes you can! This bird is a popular pet. Here are a few tid bits about taking good care of one. It's diet should consist of fresh fruit, dried fruit with some coarse insectivorous food. The diet should be low in fat because these birds are at risk for a common human disease also known as atherosclerosis. These birds do not behave well with fellow species or small birds (especially around feeding dishes). Remember that they love to bathe, are unable to mimic human voices, need at least a 2 1/2 inch perch for sitting and sleeping, and appreciate high aviary. With proper care this animal can be a great pet! Microsoft Clip Art
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