Habitat and Geography
    Reticulated python location   
    The reticulated python can be found in southeast Asia living in areas such as Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia. It is believed that reticulated pythons once lived almost exclusively in forests and regions which were intermediate between forest and savannas. Reticulated pythons especially prefer to be near water and riverbanks, and are more prevalent in hot, tropical jungles with temperatures from 80 - 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Box Log Falls     These giant snakes are excellent climbers, and are therefore seen often in trees, where they can also rest. Reticulated pythons are also very good swimmers, which explains why they prefer to be in close proximity to water. While they are still usually found in wet or damp areas, reticulated pythons can now also be found in areas such as cities which are heavily populated by humans. The reason they are able to survive and even thrive in cities is because of an increase in rats which goes along with an increase in humans.
Pythons prefer to be near water   In the wild and other areas with few humans, Python reticulatus is usually active during both the day and night, whereas in more densely populated areas they tend to be more nocturnal. They commonly rest in sheltered areas such as the roots of trees, hollow logs, or burrows that are created by other animals.

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