Blue spruce needle courtesy of Scott Catron, flickr.


When you think of Christmas what is the first thing that comes to minCutting down a blue spruce, courtesy of Todd, flcikr.d?  The answer to that is probably reindeer or presents, but you need a tree to put those presents under. Now that we are on the same page we can begin talking about Picea pungens.  In Latin, picea stands for "pitch," now used for spruce, and pungens, meaning "sharp-pointed," because of the sharp needles this organism has.  Commonly known as blue spruce because of the green-blue color of the foliage.  Also, because Colorado adopted Picea pungens as the official state tree on March 7, 1939, Colorado blue spruce is another commonly used name. Its attractive symmetry and coloration make it a very popular Christmas tree or ornamental.

 Now that you know a little about P. pungens find out how it is classified.