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The True Nut

Pistacia vera is a fascinating eukaryotic plant that is not only capable of producing fruit, but it also has many positive and negative effects on humans and other organisms. 

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Colorful pistachio tree



I am Jelena Kravic and as you will find out I have a special relationship with pistachios. I am a junior at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse majoring in Biology with an emphasis in pre-medicine. This web page is a project for my Organismal Biology class for the Spring 2009 semester. I hope to go on to medical school and work in pediatrics, maybe child psychiatry. I was born in Sarajevo Bosnia and I came to the United States with my family in 1996. When I am not studying, doing homework or preparing for the MCAT I like to travel, shop, eat sweets, dance and spend time with my family and friends. Please feel free to contact me with any question or comments regarding my site at kravic.jele@students.uwlax.edu



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