Welcome to the World of the Dungeness Crab

Dungeness crab Image from Wikipedia Commons  

I know most people could care less about the Dungeness crab unless it is being served to them on a platter with a side dish of melted butter, and they are wearing a bib because things are about to get a little messy!! BUT the Cancer magister, Dungeness crab, is a very interesting organism.  It plays a key role in its environment serving as both prey and predator interacting with many different organisms.  The Dungeness crab being a favorite food item of many people is vital to many local fishing economies.

The Dungeness crab is also an invertebrate.  The invertebrates are often over shadowed by many of the charismatic mega-fauna vertebrates.  However, invertebrates make up 99% of the animal kingdom so it is about time you became familiar with an invertebrate!  Welcome to the world of the Dungeness crab!!! Follow tabs on the bottom of each page for any easy flow throughout the web site, or use the tabs on the side. First, looking at the Classification of the Dungeness crab

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