The purpose and goal of this website is to provide in depth information about the evergreen tree species, Picea abies, or the Norway Spruce.  The information I will provide about Picea abies ranges from its lifecycle, nutrition, and classification, to some fun facts and photos, its interactions with other species, and the geographic location of this particular tree.

Photo By Neil Madisen

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An Original Poem By Neil Madisen

Latin name Picea abies,
The Norway Spruce hails from over seas.
A tall and mighty evergreen tree,
It would not be, without mycorrhizae.

It houses many woodland creatures,
And has a few distict features.
Towering and wide with two types of cones,
Dangling branches, and wood stronger than bone.

A perfect specimen of phyla coniferophyta,
A friend to you and me, and the rest of Unikonta.


About Me

My name is Neil Madisen and I am a biology student at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. If you have any questions or concerns regarding information on my site, or regarding usage of pictures taken by me, please e-mail me at nclaymad@gmail.com