About Me

                            Kirsten and Dana outside Cartwright Center.  [Taken by Mary Ruud]                

Kirsten Ruud [Taken by Linda Motzko (Linda's Photography)]


Hello, my name is Kirsten Ruud, and I'm a freshman at University of Wisconsin at La Crosse.  I'm a Biology major with a concentration in Cellular and Molecular Biology, and a minor in Nutrition.  This website was created for a project in UW-L's Organismal Biology Class (BIO203), for the growing online collection of creatures at Multiple Organisms.net (visit this link to see more pages like this!)

 Nokoma, a Black-Lab German Shepard Mix, in a flannel shirt. [Taken by Kirsten Ruud]

I enjoy playing lacrosse, knitting, and playing with animals, especially my own dog, Nokoma (pictured right), and my 13 year-old sister.  One of my biggest passions is cooking, and probably to very little surprise, was the inspiration for picking this astonishing organism to report on.  That being said, I hope I have given you a new look into the amazingly unique plant that is Vanilla planifolia, and that you will never describe something 'plain' or 'boring' as 'vanilla' again. 


               Any questions?  You can contact me at ruud.kirs@students.uwlax.edu !

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