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Soybean photo courtesy of Ryoko

If you are already a soybean fan, you may think you don’t need to see this website. If you grow this vegetable and eat it when it’s green, you may also think you don’t need soybeans for anything else. But leaf through these pages and you will find a lot of information about soybeans, and why they are important in every day life.

Soybean Clipart from Microsoft OfficeSoybean Clipart from Microsoft OfficeSoybean Clipart from Microsoft OfficeSoybean Clipart from Microsoft Office


Soybeans are a major crop grown as a versatile food source for millions of people worldwide. It is also a major source for animal feed. Today the soybean, like many other food plants, is taken for granted. Where did this plant first originate? When did it become adapted to the needs of man? How can this plant be identified, and what interactions does it have with its environment? Why do we use soy, and what products are made out of it? 

Soybean photo courtesy of Scott Robinson         Soybean "bean" photo courtesy of the United States Department of Agriculture


After exploring this site, I hope you’ll acquire answers to these questions, appreciate this magnificent plant, and gain more knowledge about the soybean



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