Hey Sweet Thing! Come On In!

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without sugar?  You think you could go a day without eating any?  Let me guess.  You are thinking that you believe you could survive just one day without any sweets.  Guess again.  Sugar isn't just in the Snickers bar that you eat for your afternoon snack.  It makes its way into just about everything we eat from the bread that houses our peanut butter and jelly to the glass of milk you use to wash that sandwich down.  Just imagine all the food we consume on a daily basis that is composed of even the slightest amount of sugar.  

Saccharum officinarum

Sugar isn't only in many of the foods we eat, but it is also found in many products such as paint, plastic and also in medicines.  This makes the demand for sugar that much greater.  Sugar is derived from two different sources, sugar beets and sugar cane.  The majority of the world's sugar makes its way to us through the cultivation of sugar cane.

This website takes you on an in depth trip to where the weather is warm and the information is plentiful.

So sit back, relax, and get ready for an amazing adventure through the life of Saccharum officinarum, more commonly known as the sugar cane.  Follow me on this sweet journey starting out with the Classification.

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