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	This is a photo of the Pacific octopus. It is used with permission from Seaside Aquarium/Tiffany Boothe and can be found at http://coastexplorermagazine.com/features/719      Enteroctopus dofleini is the scientific name that when translated to English means is “giant octopus.” I believe "dofleini" has originated from the name of a scientist, but I am unsure of its exact origin. This is an octopus with a couple common names, including: the giant Pacific octopus, the Pacific octopus, and the North Pacific octopus. Since this is the largest octopus on Earth, both the common and scientific names are fitting. It earned the “Pacific” and “North Pacific” portions of its common names from the areas of the ocean in which it resides.
    Enteroctopus dofleini has the classic eight arms that are characteristic of all octopuses. The octopus uses these strong arms to capture other ocean creatures for food.  They usually grow to weigh about 50 pounds and have a "wingspan”, when all arms are outstretched, of about 15 feet. The Pacific octopus frequently appears a reddish-brown color and has a defining large white spot that makes a triangle with the two eyes. However, with the use of adaptations they are able to blend in to almost any environment by changing their pigmentation. This combined with their uncanny intelligence makes them vicious predators. This octopus’s average lifespan is about 3-5 years, in which death occurs after the first mating.

The image in the header is a photo of the Pacific octopus. It is owned by user: Phylomon! and can be found here.

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