( lychees not leeches)

Litchi chinensis, more commonly known as the lychee is this red delicious fruit! According to Dictionary.com, the word litchi mean the fruit of the litchi tree and the word chinensis means Chinese. It is very popular in southern China and southeast Asia (known as King of fruits), but it is starting to become more popular in the United States. This fruit may look like it is dangerous to eat with its red, hard covering, but once its white flesh is revealed and eaten you will change your mind. Do not just leave yet! Learn how this fruit reproduces or how it can benefits other organisms. Want to know how to incorporate it into food, well I have some delicious recipes too! Explore through this website and you will get to learn its classification and where they live! Happy Exploring!


There are more web pages about other awesome organisms such as Pacific herring at MultipleOrganisms.net. I have obtained pictures and information from different sources which are cited at the Reference page.

lychee growing on trees