Welcome to the wonderful land of Cucumis melo, better known as Cantaloupe!


image by Samuel Marshall, cantaloupe on cutter

Hello, and welcome to my page on the delicious fruit known as cantaloupe! Cucumis melo , or better known as Cantaloupe, is a delicious melon with a rough webbed outside and an orange colored fruit inside.  Cantaloupe is a delightful snack with high amounts of vitamin A and C as well as other nutritional benefits.


Lately, Cantaloupe has been given a bad rap, such as the listeria outbreak of 2011. But fear not, with careful handling and preparation, you can enjoy eating this fruit will little fear of contamination.

Background Information

Cantaloupe was first introduced to the United States in 1881 by the W. Atlee Burpee Company.  It was not widely consumed until the Civil War, after which point Cantaloupe made its debut as a household fruit. Surprisingly, the origin of cantaloupe has been seen in ancient writings pointing to the cultivation of cantaloupe as early as biblical times.