Citrus limon- Lemon




 Citrus limon also known as the scientific name for a lemon, is a yellow, oval shaped fruit.  This fruit is commonly used in everyday life.  Lemons are typically not eaten fresh since they are sour but lemon juice is usedLemon poem to flavor many foods like fish. They contain low amounts of fat, protein, and sugar however since they have high amounts of vitamin C lemons can prevent scurvy, which is a vitamin C deficiency disease, if eaten in sufficient quantities.  The high levels of vitamin C in lemons are beneficial medically.  For example vitamin C is needed for wound healing.  However consuming too much lemon juice or lemons could cause Aphthous Ulcers or commonly known as Canker Sores but there is no need to worry as long as a person consumes lemon products in moderation.  Lemons have many other house hold uses.  They can be used to remove stains from clothes, clean, highlight hair, lighten age spots and freckles, preserve food and even as an emergency deodorant.  As you can see lemons are fascinating organisms!  To learn even more about this yellow fruit read the other sections of this web page.


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