Cortinarius speciosissimus- BIO203



Welcome to my website about the deadly Cortinarius Speciosissimus!

Throughout my website you will find out everything you will want to know about Cortinarius s. Please feel free to navigate my website and tell me what you think. I can be reached under my about me page or click here to go right to it. Scientifically know as Cortinarius s. this fungi has proven to be one of the most toxic mushrooms in the world. But oddly enough there is not much research being done to learn more about the toxin that makes it so lethal. For more about the pathology of Cortinarius s. visit my Toxin page or visit my Case studies page to hear a survivor story about his run in with the deadly mushroom. most people find fungi Boring and typically only think of common harmless fungi like Rhizopus stolonifer, otherwise known as black bread mold. I hope you can find my website interesting and informative . For more cool organism please checkout

Cortinarius c.

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