Rhododendron ponticum

     Rhododendron ponticum, commonly referred to simply as Rhododendron, is an evergreen shrub with beautiful purple or pink flowers. However, its beauty may be deceiving. Rhododendron ponticum has the ability to produce toxic chemicals making it a poisonous plant.


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     First, this site will walk through the classification of Rhododendron ponticum including three cladistic phylogenetic trees. It then moves into the habitat of the plant and how it has adapted in order to thrive in its various locations. The adaptation and ability to produce toxic chemicals is also looked at in greater detail. How and where the plant’s energy comes from is also talked about followed by the details of reproduction and the alteration of generations. Interactions between Rhododendron ponticum and other organisms are explained as well as additional facts. This site then closes with references for readers who wish to search even further and photographs in the gallery.

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Classification of Rhododendron ponticum