Asclepias syriaca


Asclepias syriaca ~ Common Milkweed

Welcome to my website dedicated to Asclepias syriaca. My name is Breanna and I am a student at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. I have created this page for my organismal biology class in the spring of 2013. My colleagues have also made their own web pages as part of our Multiple Organisms project at UW-LaCrosse. Please contact me with any questions or comments at For more information about myself, check out the contact me page.
On each page of my website, you will find interesting information, fun facts, and beautiful pictures of the common milkweed. I would recommend first visiting the classification page to learn the general information about where Asclepias syriaca fits on the big tree of life. Following that, you can visit the habitat page to find out where Asclepias syriaca lives. The adaptation page is next, followed by nutrition. The reproduction page has a lot of interesting information about the several different ways this species reproduces! The interaction page tells you about  what species need the milkweed for survival, such as the monarch butterfly. Lastly, I have included a page where you will find many other facts about the milkweed plant, including its possible use for paper and its poisonous properties. I hope you learn a lot as you navigate my website!

Asclepias syriaca is the most common species of milkweed. It is a perennial herb. It resides primarily in the Midwest Region of the United States, although it has a larger geographical and ecological range than other milkweed species (Klips et al, 2004). For a detailed description of the milkweed plant, visit 

For a quick reference about interactions, reproduction, and classification of Asclepias syriaca, follow this link

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