Ephedra viridis

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ephedra! This page is dedicated to educating you about some of the most fascinating plants on earth.  Plants in the genus Ephedra are shrub plants that are found throughout the world, especially in dry areas.  They have a beautiful structure that is fit for their environment and characterized by highly branched stems and brightly colored cones. 

Besides having an interesting appearance, certain species of Ephedra can also be useful.  Some have been used in Oriental medicine for years to treat respiratory ailments, and others have evolved to be commonly used as an herbal supplement.  But watch out! The alkaloids that are found in certain species of Ephedra that give it its medicinal purposes can be EXTREMELY TOXIC!   Depending on how you go about it, using Ephedra as a medication can either save your life or kill you!  To learn more about this herbal remedy (and possibly protect yourself from some serious side effects), check out the Interactions Page.

 Don't stop there! Everything about this plant is interesting, and you can find pretty much everything you need to know right here on this website.  This site will focus mainly on the American native Ephedra viridis, but information on its relatives will be incorporated along the way.  To start with the basics, visit the Classification page. 

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