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The specie E. hamatum is one of the most highly specialized ants of the Eciton species! These ants specialize in attacking other insect colonies such as ant, bees, and wasps! These guys are vicious predators that have a name for being a wrecking machine. They attack colonies with a strategic plan to steal insect brood and use special pheromones to call in help. Prey colonies evacuate quickly when they see these army ants close to their nests! These ants cover a lot of ground too, the whole colony makes its way into new territories since they have no permanent nest. This army of ants is always on the move and have a lot more interesting things that they would like you to know about them. You can find out more interesting facts about these ants by clicking here and much more exciting information by exploring this webpage. Check out another cool ant the Bullet Ant here.

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