E coli bacteria. Picture taken from a public domain

Escherichia coli O157:H7

E. coli colonies growing on agar plates. Photo taken from public domain.Photo taken by FDA.Hey there! I take it you want to know more about E. coli O157:H7? Well you came to the right place!

What many people do not know is that E. coli comes in many different strains. E. coli in some strains can actually be beneficial to the human digestive system while other strains such as the O157:H7 strain can cause us humans to feel sick. If you want to learn more about E. coli in general please click here. The rest of my website will focus on the O157:H7 strain.

Throughout  the site I will be showing you how E. coli O157:H7 interacts and is similar to other organisms connecting you to other sites on the Multiple Organisms webpage. Check these out because you will learn more about E. Coli O157:H7 by comparing and contrasting it to other organisms similar to it.

Microscopic picture of E. coli O157. Photo taken from public domain.Taken by Manu Forero. On my classification page you will find a complete taxonomy along with a couple phylogenic trees explaining the relationship between many of the different strains of E. coli. The habitat page will give you a better understanding where E. coli lives and how it can move from one organism to another. If you want to know how E. coli O157 gets its food go to my nutrition page for an explanation on food intake. In order for this species to  survive this bacteria goes through binary fission. For more information on binary fission go to my reproduction page. To learn about how E. coli interacts with numerous different species go to the interactions page. And finally if you are looking for some random facts about E. coli O157 go to the facts page.


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Enjoy learning about E. coli O157:H7!

Let us start off by learning about the classification of E. coli O157:H7.

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Last updated: April 26, 2013