Gonyaulax catenella. Tara IvanochkoWelcome to a webpage entirely attributed to the toxic dinoflagellate-protist, Gonyaulax! This unpopular organism is know for its ability to generate red tide blooms that are associated with mass fish and shellfish eradication. Although Gonyaulax are small, it has strength in numbers! Throughout the biology world, this protist has been studied at a cellular level to understand its feeding habits, reproduction lifestyle, and its interactions with other organisms. It should be noted that Gonyaulax isn't all about parasitism and toxins, it has medicinal applications and benefits as well that aid in heart and nerve treatment. Check out the Classifications page to observe ancestors and taxonomy of this dinoflagellate.
Gonyaulax is an amazing protist species with many characteristics that aid and destroy other organisms in nature. Biologists are still obtaining data about it! If you're not completely convinced— check out the
References page!

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 To examine Gonyaulax ancestors and taxonomy, follow along to the Classification page.

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