Home of the World's Most Sober Mushroom

Coprinopsis atramentaria, is a mushroom commonly known as Tippler's Bane.  It is also a very unique inky cap that is most common in European Countries and North America. 

Inky caps are mushrooms that get their name from the unique phenomena of auto-digestion.  When the mushroom is mature, it liquefies into an inky substance in order to release its spores more efficiently.  To learn more about this suicidal phenomena, visit Reproduction.

Do Not Take With Alcohol. Coprinopsis atramentaria is also edible... sometimes.  This mushroom is unique in the fact that, when ingested with alcohol, it creates a buildup of toxic substances in your body.  To look into the mechanics of this, visit Interactions.  Also, here is more information on other delicious and nutritious edible mushrooms, like chanterelles.  Or read up on these psychedelic "magic mushrooms", and these "medicinal mushrooms".

To learn more about the specific classification of this mushroom and its relatives, click here.

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