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If you are searching to find out more about the fungus Aspergillus flavus you came to the right place!  This site is full of interesting facts about this unique organism.  Let's get started...

What is Aspergillus flavus?  

Aspergillus flavus is a pathogenic fungus whose spores are ubiquitous in nature.  It can cause aspergillosis in animals, including YOU!  Although it has no specific common name, it can also be recognized as the "aflatoxin producer".  Aflatoxin is a toxic and carcinogenic compound produced by A. flavus.  

Where did it get its name?  

The genus name Aspergillus is actually named after an aspergillum.  An aspergillum is a light-weight metal device used to sprinkle holy water for ceremonies in the Roman Catholic Church (shown to the right).  It has a club like shape with a round head at the top.  This head is perforated which is how the water is sprinkled.  This structure resembles the conidial head of members within the genus Aspergillus.   Can you see the resemblance?  To the left is a place for holy water with the Asperges Psalm written above.  Asperges means to sprinkle.  The specific epithet “flavus” is Latin for the color yellow.  This is the color of conidia produced by Aspergillus flavus.    

     The Asperges Psalm

If you're curious about this fungus' taxonomy, move on to the classification page!

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