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Not many are familiar with cuttlefish, but they are a type of sea critter that love being by coral reefs and shallow waters. They are thought to be one of the smartest species in the sea, and one of the smartest invertebrates! They are related to the Squids and Octopuses. The Flamboyant Cuttlefish is a very unique species of cuttlefish because it can fit in the palm of your hand and is even toxic! This type of cuttlefish is said to be just as toxic than the Blue-Ringed Octopus! This species also has the ability to change its color and shape to blend into its environment! This website is going to give you an in-depth layout of this cuttlefish and the way it lives and survives in the dangerous sea. Enjoy!


Domain- Eukarya

Kingdom- Animalia

Phylum- Mollusca

Class- Cephalopoda

Order- Sepiida

Family- Sepiidae

Genus- Metasepia

Species- pfefferi

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