Frangipani: the Hawaiian lei flower

Welcome! You have just arrived in Hawaii and the friendly locals place a lei around your neck to welcome you to their magnificent home. Although the flowers are beautiful and sweet-smelling, are you sure you want them to do that... you know they are poisonous, right?!

Don't worry... although they do produce a milky sap that is poisonous to humans and animals, typically, at most, the symptoms include slight irritation on the skin or eyes. Plumeria, common name Frangipani, are radiant flowers that are found in tropical locations such as the Pacific Islands, Australia, Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. If you are looking to plant this perfumed, attractive flower, you have come to the right place to learn more about it! Click here for information and tips for the best conditions for growing the Plumeria rubra. Overall, if you live in the right location, then this may be a wonderful contribution to your garden.

Go ahead and explore! Visiting classification would be a great place to start familiarizing with the Plumeria rubra, then work your way through to interesting facts and see beautiful photos of the tropical flower along the way.

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Last updated 4/26/2013