Amanita phalloides: The Death Cap


Hello there! Welcome to the webpage fully dedicated to the poisonous mushroom, Amanita Phalloides! Commonly referred to as the Death Cap, this highly poisonous mushroom could bring even the bravest of souls down. This webpage is just one of many included in a biology class database of organisms from plants to animals. Because this year's webpage focus is on poisonous and venomous organisms, click here to go straight to the Adaptation page to learn specifically about the poisonous qualities of the Death cap.

 Normally found in Britain and Ireland, this deadly mushroom can be found all around the European countries usually along the lowest of altitudes. The main poison of this ever-deadly fungus attacks the kidney and livers of human beings eventually leading to coma and most likely death if help is not given right away. Accounting for 90% of all poisoning deaths by a fungus for human beings, this fungus is the deadliest of the Amanita genus. In addition, many instances in history have implicated this mushroom as a poisonous agent in multiple poisonings and deaths in many important individuals.

As you delve further into the complexities of the Death Cap, you will learn habitats, interactions and other interesting tidbits to help uncover what makes the Amanita phalloides one of the most interesting fungi in all the world.

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