Centruroides sculpturatus

The Arizona Bark Scorpion


Welcome to my website! This website is all about the Arizona Bark Scorpion. Many compelling facts about C. sculpturatus can be found by exploring these pages!

Photo courtesy Alex Wild

C. sculpturatus is a very interesting species of scorpion whose natural habitat includes much of the southwest U.S. and parts of Mexico. Cockroaches, crickets, and other invertebrates make up the main source of this scorpion's nutrition. This nocturnal species has gone through many adaptations to increase chances of survival and reproduction. It is yellowish-brown and only grows up to 8 cm long, but don't be fooled by this scorpions small stature. It remains to be the only dangerous species of scorpion found within Arizona and also the most venomous species of scorpion in North America. Don't worry because it rarely causes fatalities during interactions with humans. Take some time to look around and find out some cool information about C. sculpturatus!!

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