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Hello Everyone. Welcome to my website on Lepiota josserandii also known as the DEADLY PARASOL!  Lepiota species are difficult to tell apart, some are extremely poisonous and have a sweet smell. Lepiota josserandii have a dry cap, 2-4.5 cm wide, the top ranges from cinnamon brown to a reddish color. The gills range from white to pale yellow and can be clutterd, free, or attached to the stipe which is 2.5-5 cm long and 5-10cm wide. Their pileus can be less than 5mm and up to 40cm in diameter, smooth, or rough, and ranges colors like brown. The lamellae are free ranging white to sulfur yellow, pale green, or pink. The stipe has a wide base that’s hollow and cylindrical. The basidia are four spored and in some species two spored, which indicates they have an alternation of generations . Lepiota josserandii is part of the kingdom Fun-Guys. If you take a tour through my site you might figure out that it is not such a fun fungus afterall. L. josserandii along with Aspergillus flavus contain a poison that DESTROYS your liver. Read the habitat page to find out where it is found to take precautions! Can touching such a simple organism of nature kill you? Click on the interactions page to find out.

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Updated 4/19/13