Bracken Fern

Bracken fern is the common name for Pteridium aquilinum.  It grows around 2-3 feet.Bracken fern in nature However, it can get 5 feet tall depending on the habitat. It lives on almost all continents and can survive in variable biomes. It may seem like an ordinary fern at first glance but this fern can cause cancer in humans and animals.

Young Bracken ferns are light green and as they age they become a darker green until they are emerald. In Swedish fern is 'bräken.' Which is how the Bracken fern name came about.

This fern causes many problems in the environment and has few natural enemies. In Ecuador Bracken fern is taking over pastures that have been deserted by farmers. In Taiwan researches found Bracken fern can compete well with other plants by altering their life cycles.

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