Image from: Smithsonian National Zoological Park

I chose the Vietnamese centipede strictly because it creeped me out!  It is a large insect with a bunch of legs that moves fast and can do some serious damage with its venom.  It sounded pretty nasty to me so I decided to do some more research on it and put together this page.

The Vietnamese centipede makes an interesting household pet.  It should be kept in a 5-10 gallon tank at 75 to 80F with 75 to 80% humidity.  Peat moss or potting soil make great substrates.  Just make sure it is deep enough for it to burrow beneath a little.  Some leaf cover or tree bark may be used for some cover.  It will feed on crickets or small to medium sized insects and even mice.  The centipede is quite active so it is not an organism you will be bored with.

Visit the Vietnamese centipede exhibit at Tampa's Lowry Zoo!