Dracunculus medinensis-The Guinea Worm created by Amanda Walsh, Benjamin Kivi, and Nathan Blodgett

Emoia cyanura-Copper-Stripped Skink created by Jake Dallas and Kayla Forer

Phelsuma laticauda-Gold Dust Day Gecko created by Kelly Sorensen and Erin Groh

Hippocampus bargibanti-Bargibant's Seahorse created by Emily Schmidt and Kelly Halbach

Synchiropus splendidus-Mandarin Fish created by Allison Hammerstad and Blakney Schmitt

Caracharocles megalodon-Megalodon created by Thomas Ruzzeir and Laura Nelson

Panthera tigris-Sumatran Tiger created by Alex Reyes, Ben Schilz, and Cody Fox

Choloepus didactylus-Linnaeus's Two-Toed Sloth created by Grace Walker and Rachel Smith

Mustela putorius furo-Domestic Ferret created by Leslie Kitten, Abigail Cartens, and Andrea Ziglioli

Penaeus setiferus-Alabama Cave Shrimp created by Sarah Albrecht and Allison Shaver

Eurycea lucifuga-Cave Salamander created by Tawnee Christians and Nicholas Kuznicki

Eurycea tridentifera-Comal Blind Salamander created by Brooke Edmondson and Bethany Boecker

Eurycea rathbuni-Texas Blind Salamander created by Martin Geraldson and Chas Haas

Ophisternon candidum-Blind Cave Eel created by Michael Loebertman

Amblyopsis rosae-Ozark Cavefish created by Linda Lee and Amber Bydynkowski

Hickmania troglodytes-Tasmanian Cave Spider created by Treasure Guthrie and Jordyn Rasmussen

Astyanax jordani-Blind Cave Fish created by Alisha Saley and Mercedes Gray

Meta menardi-European Cave Spider created by Ben Schaefer and Yee Leng Yang

Cambarus Zophonastes-Hell Creek Cave Crayfish created by Nick Brehmer and Dan Traverzo

Speleomantes strinatii-North-west Italian Cave Salamander created by Mary Purdy and Demitra Weisbrod

Neotoma fuscipes-Dusky Footed Woodrat created by Gabriella Tuminello and Emma Conway

Megascops kennicottii-Western Screech Owl created by Alex Olson and Meaghan Howell

Bromus tectorum-Invasive Cheatgrass created by Shannon Klein and Claire Gocker

Calypte anna-Anna's Hummingbird created by Kristine Kumferman and Natalie Kurth

Omus californicus-California Night-stalking Tiger Beetle created by Cameron Terrell and Alexis Marquardt

Thomomys bottae-Botta's Pocket Gopher created by Sarah Stepanik

Cyanocitta stelleri-Steller's Jay created by Jake Korish and Luke Purtell

Elgaria coerulea-Northern California Alligator Lizard created by Thomas McCaughn, Sam Steckbauer, and Nate Ziegeweid

Spilogale putorius-Eastern Spotted Skunk created by Alexa Stilp and Jordan Dassler

Mustela frenata-Long- tailed Weasel created by Kyle Zawacki and Josh Romanowski

Smilodon fatalis-Saber-tooth Tiger created by Sithichok Chang and Kaitlin Cullen

Maiacetus inuus-Good Mother Whale created by Katelyn Marks and Brittany Dziki

Maiasaura peeblesorum-Good Mother Dinosaur created by Samantha Fischbach and Claire Clabots

Condylura cristata-Star-Nosed Mole created by Cody Fisher and Kyle Holzwarth

Velociraptor mongoliensis-Velociraptor created by Matthew Quade and Elizabeth Gibbs

Buceros vigil-Helmeted Hornbill created by Keaton Unrein

Eubalaena australis-Southern Right Whales created by Morgan Langworthy and Irena Klika

Cardinalis cardinalis-Northern Cardinal created by Jenny Seiler and Kari Mosbacher

Moloch horridus-Thorny Devil created by Ryan Rutta and Taylor Palmer

Genetta genetta-Common Genet created by Jenna Sturz and Elisabeth Miramontes

Stegosaurus stenops-Stegosaurus created by Elizabeth Beaudette and Taylor Tomczyk

Balaeniceps rex-Shoebill Stork created by Erin Specht and Bridget Van De Kreeke

G. c. thornicrofti-Rhodesian Giraffe created by Alexa Flores and Karley Brunner

Anser indicus-Bar-Headed Goose created by Noah Giebink and Emily Hyland

Eudyptes chrysocome-Southern Rockhopper penguin created by Jack Komro and McKenna Gruber

Bos primigenius-Aurochs created by Lauren Hoefgen and Sarah Kind

Hemicentetes semispinosus-Lowland Streaked Tenrec created by Marshal Rutz and Kyle McGrane

Paraceratherium-Giant Rhino created by Jordyn Mroczenski and Taylor Ashworth

Mimosa pudica created by Ellie Wiseman and Anneka Nilsson

Pteronura brasiliensis-Giant Otter created by Mallory Phillips and Alyssa Patten

Chamaeleo jacksonii-Jackson's Chameleon created by Luke Rohloff and Cody Blaser

Euperipatoides rowelli-The Smiley Wiley Worm created by Lauren Stoiber and Megan Nodolf

Civettictis civetta-African Civet created by Gabriella Stine and Kaleb Wolf

Anisomorpha buprestoides-Southern Two-Striped Walking Stick created by Maggie Paese and Bobbie Bender

Tetraopes tetraphthalmus-The Milkweed Dweller created by Alison Felt and Megan Christophersen

Vespa mandarinia-Asian Giant Hornet created by Colin McAllister and Jacob Damro

Papilio xuthus-Asian Swallowtail created by Madelinn Tipler and Brianna Ekhoff

Mastigoproctus giganteus-Whipscorpion created by Jacob Faultersack and Andrew Pfantz

Calopteron reticulatum-Banded Net-winged Beetle created by Rya Haag and Tim Schwanbeck

Scolopendra cingulata-Megarian Banded Centipede created by Andre McMillion and Jaelen Yach

Lonomia obliqua-Giant Silkworm Caterpillar created by Elizabeth Nakhla and Megan Buchheit

Leiurus quinquestriatus-Five-striped Smooth-tail created by Kevin O'Brien and Kayla Theis

Brachypelma vagans-Red Rump Tarantula created by Eric Schepp and Bill O’Neill

Camponotus saundersi created by Kelsey Renn and Abigail Styczynski

Eurytides marcellus-Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly created by Bailey Hayes and Samantha VanBuren

Leopardus guigna-KODKOD created by Rebecca Welsh and Nichole Davis

Bugula neritina created by Katelyn Clark and Amanda Gagas

Eudyptes schlegeli-Royal Penguin created by Isaiah Hinds and Logan Gueths

Trachypithecus obscurus-Dusky Leaf Monkey created by Amanda Will and Dana Hungness

Delphinus delphis-Common Dolphin created by Jordan Recker, Lucas Larson, and Brady Bollinger

Liza vaigiensis-Squaretail mullet created by Joshua Sadorf, Jedd Sebion, and William Berneau

Aetobatus narinari-Spotted Eagle Ray created by Katie Lucas and Carly Southwick

Bubo virginianus-Great Horned Owl created by Kendra Ruffalo and Kirstin Strom

Nomascus Hainanus-Hainan Gibbon created by Megan Roundy and Samantha Wirkus

Leontopodium alpinum-Edelweiss created by Lizzy Wlodyga and Pete Tenpas

Ichthyomyzon unicuspis-Silver Lamprey created by Vanessa Rud, T.J. Boettcher, and Brandon Wedig

Giardia lamblia created by Katie Busniewski and Sage Rust

Dicrocoelium dendriticum-Lancet Liver Fluke created by Ross Canales and Austin Mancosky

Gasterophilus intestinalis-Horse Bot Fly created by Joey Forman and Courtney Swanson

Babesia canis created by Aaron Kugel and Tori Kusiak

Onchocerca volvulus created by Abbey Schwaab and Abby Waters

Loa loa-African Eye Worm created by Kimberly Pape and Xaarki Seidel

Brugia malayi-Filarial Nematode Worm created by Kyle Brown and Kassie Stalsberg

Echinostoma revolutum-Trematode Fluke created by Erin Mahr and Elizabeth Staveness

Lironeca vulgaris created by Chris Steingraber and AustinThompson

Paragonimus westermani-Human Lung Fluke created by Aleyna Goerlitz and Matt Towns

Melanoplus devastator-Devastating Grasshopper created by Sabrina Aspenson and Marissa Wright

Danthonia californica-California Oatgrass created by Taylor Bailey, Lauren Alexander, and Ashlee Bryhn

Madia gracilis-Grassy Tarweed created by Janek Walker and Joe Glomski

Cyclosa conica created by Jenna Wassenaar and Amanda Hiti

Pogonomyrmex californicus-California Harvester Ant created by Robert Keaton and Michael Cronce

Plagiobothrys nothofulvus-Popcorn Flower created by Kelsey Kennedy and Hunter Burchfield

Bromus hordeaceus-Soft Cheat created by Layla Khalili and Nicholas Kempen

Cinclus mexicanus-American Dipper created by Abbey Kuzas and Kacey Schoenberger

Elymus elymoides-Bottlebrush Squirreltail created by Colton Taylor and Jenna Nehls

Sorex pacificus-Pacific Shrew created by Manuel Carpenter and Bryant Olsen

Proserpinus clarkiae-Clark's Sphinx Moth created by Alyxandra Walters and Laura Wells

Neopetrolisthes maculatus-Spotted Porcelain Crab created by Britney Kocken and

Chromodoris reticulata created by Mikayla Beuch and Mackensie Bruring

Bothus lunatus-Peacock Flounder created by Madeline DeFrance and Beth Ryan

Carybdea alata-Hawaiian Box Jellyfish created by Emily Feye and Kelsey Micech

Hermodice carunculata-Fireworm created by Spenser Garcia

Aetobatus narinari-Spotted Eagle Rays created by Erin Gyotoku and Paige Hayward

Odontodactylus scyllarus-Peacock Mantis Shrimp created by Mark Hruska and Josh Klarner

Nyctanassa violacea-Yellow-crowned Night Heron created by Michaela Murphy and Courtney Cordova

Aplysia dactylomela-Spotted Sea Hare created by Sarah Schulz and Erik Stromquist

Wunderpus photogenicus-Wonderpus created by Olivia Westhoff and Scott Horton

Prionailurus bengalensis-Leopard Cat created by Nick Howard and Josh Barbara

Lontra provocax-Patagonian River Otter created by Calie Gaarder and Adam Brown

Cyclopes didactylus-Silky Anteater created by Michael Haas and Gabriel Tudahl

Microcebus murinus-Mouse Lemur created by Krystal Hagen and Rachel Heier

Ovibos moschatus created by Jessica Hauser and Danni Filkins

Physeter macrocephalus-Sperm Whale created by Jacob Kellett and Quinn Faust

Casuarius casuarius-Southern Cassowary created by Matt McCrea and Tyler Andrews

Leptonychotes weddellii-Weddell Seal created by Kristen Nowak and Amanda Minturn

Chamaeleo chamaeleon-Common Chameleon created by Samantha Schmitz and Ellen Maloney

Pseudoceros bifurcus-Ribbon Flatworm created by Mai Lou Vang and Tram Tran

Tachyglossus aculeatus-Short-nosed Echidna created by Sidney Cater and Casey Wojtowicz

Phoenicopterus chilensis-Chilean Flamingo created by Zoe Arnold and Megan McCarthy

Chthamalus fragilis-Little Gray Barnacle created by Lukas Buttke and Haley Hood

Aratus pisonii-Mangrove Tree Crab created by Dakota Morrone and Zachary Case

Clibanarius tricolor-Blue Legged Hermit Crab created by Gaokhia Yang and Spencer Meinholz

Alopex lagopus-Arctic Fox created by Sarah Creswell, Austin Bowman, and Keira O'Connor

Mellivora capensis-Honey Badger created by Mike Scheidt and Drew Farrahar

Cassiopea xamachana-Upside-down Jellyfish created by Laura Louks and Max Soda

Odobenus rosmarus-Walrus created by Sara Taake and Jessi Reidy

Pseudosquilla ciliata-Mantis Shrimp created by Journee Hutchcroft and Alexa Wiegand

Aplysia Dactylomela-Spotted Sea Hare created by Tylor Jilk and Angelina Wilson