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The Chromodoris reticulata is a sea slug found primarily in coral reefs in tropical and subtropical waters (Johnson and Gosliner 2012). It is a member of the nudibranch order, and Chromodoris genus (Turner and Wilson 2008). It is widely known for its unique color pattern on the mantle of the body; The Chromodoris reticulata has a bright and vibrant display of red and white colors that separate them from other sea slugs (Turner and Wilson 2008). Aside from their beautiful complexions, there is another distinction that separates the Chromodoris reticulata from any other sea slug. Almost all of the nudibranch sea slugs reproduce by hermaphroditism, but only the Chromodoris reticulata reproduce with a disposable penis (Sekizawa, et.al. 2013). A day after the sea slug copulates and sheds its penis, and new penis is grown and ready for use (Sekizawa, et.al. 2013). This ability is only known to occur in the Chromodoris reticulata, making this slug one very special species.

Photo Provided by Steve Childs
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