Today's Real Pack Rat

    Welcome to the tiny, yet exciting life of the Neotoma fuscipes, also known as the dusky-footed wood rat or “pack rat.” In fact, in English, Neotoma means pack rat. while exploring this webpage, you will discover many  fascinating facts about the dusky-footed wood rat. This includes its habitat, form and function, life history and reproduction, and interactions with others.
    The wood rat’s main predators are deceived by the rat’s quick feet and ability to blend into its surroundings. Even though it is toward the bottom of the food chain due to its prey being vegetation, this pack rat seems to be everywhere in forests, especially in California. Click the tabs throughout this website to keep learning more about this interesting animal! Brown Neotoma Fuscipes gnawing on a branch.

The image in the header is a photo of the typical home of the dusky-footed wood rat. It can be located here!



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This site was last updated 25 April, 2014.
Gabriella Tuminello and Emma Conway of the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. Bio 203 – Spring 2014